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BA, MSC, PG Dip Clin Psych, MNZPsS


Please note, I am not currently accepting new clients 

I am a Clinical Psychologist (Registered) based in New Plymouth, Taranaki who has  worked in a variety of settings for the past sixteen years.

I meet with individuals and/or families/whanau or where there are concerns about behaviour, development, emotional wellbeing and/or mental health. There may also be issues with family/whanau relationships.

I help identify what are the problems? How did they start and why? Also, what can be done to help make changes? I also provide a variety of therapies to address the issues such as individual therapy/counselling and/or working with the family/whanau.

Some people may qualify for funded counselling/therapy. Please contact me to discuss the criteria and process involved or see here for more information.

If you are considering attending counselling/therapy and want to know what it involves, I have prepared an information sheet that can be viewed or downloaded called Frequently asked questions about therapy or counselling. I also have a pamphlet on explaining therapy to children and adolescents if your young person has been referred to a psychologist or counsellor.


Areas of Specialty
I work with people who present with a range of issues which may include aggression, anxiety, attachment problems, depression, relationship problems, stress, self-harm, substance misuse and trauma.
I also work with or have contracts with a number of organisations including Instep EAP; Taranaki Primary Connections; Victim Support; Family and District Courts and others.

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I have worked with clients who present with a range of issues in a variety of settings including independent mental health clinics; DHB mental health services; a youth forensic service; disability support services; behaviour difficulty services and others. I have also provided psychological assessments to the Family and District Courts, the Ministry of Education in Ireland and New Zealand and more.

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-BA Honours in Applied Psychology; University College Cork, Ireland,
– MSc in Applied Psychology; University of Ulster, Belfast,
– Diploma in Postgraduate Professional Psychology (Clinical) ; Psychological Society of Ireland,
– I am registered as a Clinical Psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

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When I first meet with a person and/or their family/whanau, I conduct a comprehensive assessment to help identify what are the problems, how they may have begun and why they continue. Also, what can be done to help make changes.
In recognition that each person is a unique individual with their own distinctive history and set of circumstances, each assessment I provide is customized. As each assessment is individualised, any treatment recommendations are personalised and based upon each individual’s needs.

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Interventions / Therapy
I provide psychological interventions for a variety of difficulties. This includes issues related to emotions (such as anger, attachment or self-esteem), developmental problems, family relationships, mental health concerns (such as anxiety, depression, trauma, self-harm) and/or challenging behavioural including offending behaviour.
Individual therapy/counselling and family work can be offered.

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I am a qualified Clinical Supervisior and provide supervision to a number of psychologists and other professionals working in a therapeutic capacity across a range of services including private practice and government agencies.

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