Please note I am not currently accepting ACC clients. 

- Where are you based?
I am based in New Plymouth’s CBD 

What hours are you available?

I am currently available Monday and Thursday from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

- How long are the appointments?

Assessments are individualised to meet each client’s needs. However, typically appointments are approximately 50/55 minutes. Please be aware I write notes during sessions and may leave 5/10 minutes at the end of the meeting to write any additional case notes or correspondence to other health professionals if required.

- How much do appointments cost?
Appointments cost $160 per hour (including GST). Referrals from statutory bodies may have a different rate.

Some people may qualify for funded counselling/therapy. Please contact me to discuss the criteria and process involved or see here for more information

- What if I have to cancel an appointment?
I recognise that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and ask that they are cancelled as soon as possible. If they are cancelled with more than 24 hours notice, no costs are incurred. If a client cancels an appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment then a half hour will be charged. This is to cover room hire costs, etc. If no notice is given, this will incur a charge for the full hour.

- How do I explain to my child that they have been referred to therapy/counselling?
It can be very difficult for parents to know how to talk to their child or young person about coming to see a professional. I have compiled an information sheet that has some suggestions that may be of use. It can be viewed or downloaded here explaining therapy to children and adolescents

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