When I first meet with a person and/or their family/whanau, I conduct a comprehensive assessment to help identify what are the problems, how they may have begun and why they continue. Also, what can be done to help make changes. I can also provide formal psychological assessments.

In recognition that each person is a unique individual with their own distinctive history and set of circumstances, each assessment I provide is customized. As each assessment is individualised, any treatment recommendations are personalised and based upon each individual’s needs.

Psychological assessments offered include but are not limited to:

- Emotional wellbeing and mental health assessments including assessment of attachment, trauma and substance misuse,

- Assessment of need in children, young people and young adults with complex presentations, challenging behaviour and/or offending behaviour,

- Cognitive assessments and/or neuropsychological assessments where there are concerns about congenital conditions, developmental delays, head injury, intellectual ability and/or mental health difficulties,

- Risk assessment in terms of mental health, challenging behaviour, offending and/or sexualised behaviour.

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